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Camper & Scouter of the Month

These boys earned these awards, by being scouts and doing what scouts are expected to do and then that little bit extra. 

NOTE: This page is updated after each CoH
Camper of the Month
 April 2017Christian F 
 March 2017Brian R 
 February 2017Zachary G 
 January 2017Zachary G 
 December 2016 Zachary D
 November 2016 None
 October 2016
Scott M 
 September 2016Brian R 
 August 2016None 
 July 2016Xavier C 
 June 2016Christian F 
 May 2016None 
 April 2016 Brian R
 March 2016None 
 February 2016Brian R
 January 2016 None
 December 2015 Otis G & Bryce C
November 2015Zachary D 
 October 2015Samuel N 
 September 2015 
 August 2015 

Scouter of the Month 
 April 2017 Brennan E
 March 2017Daniel S 
 February 2017Zachary D 
 January 2017Christian F 
 December 2016Zachary G 
 November 2016Sie T 
 October 2016
Daniel S 
 September 2016Bryce C 
 August 2016None 
 July 2016Wyatt B 
 June 2016Bryce C 
 May 2016Daniel S 
 April 2016Bryce C 
 March 2016Michael S 
 February 2016Travis B 
 January 2016Zachary G 
 December 2015 Chris W
November 2015 Otis G
 October 2015Griffin C 
 September 2015 
 August 2015