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Troop Meeting of February 6th

posted Feb 13, 2020, 7:24 PM by Nicholas Ballew
Greetings from the strengthening Kite Man patrol! It is I, Daniel. I am a small human child and NOT two trench coats in a kid. I just have to clarify that now because some people started theorizing that I'm two trench coats in a kid for some unknown reason. Two trench coats in a kid? That's ridiculous! That would require two very clever trench coats. Have you ever seen a clever trench coat? Wait...wait no...oh no... Maybe the trench coats are too clever to let humans know that they're clever and there is an entire race of clever trench coats. Oh no! The trenchcoatpocolypse is upon us! This is very unfortunate.

This Monday, there will be an OA meeting at Imagine Chancellor Elementary School. If you are a member of the OA, be there or be square. I think you get access to the Minecraft realm if you become a square though, so choose between the ultimatums wisely.

As stated by Cameron and written down by me, Michael's haircut is epic.

Sign up for Peanut Island. There will be swimming, more swimming, fishing, possibly geocaching, sunburns, and maybe more! It will be from March 21st to the 24th.

Scout Sunday is this Sunday at 8:30 am. To clarify, for the profoundly confused, it is in fact not on a Wednesday.

This meeting, we got our camp cards. The council has decided to implement incentives. For every 25 camp cards you sell within a week, your name gets put in a district-wide "spin to win" to win...something? I don't know. The reward is not specified. During blitz weeks, if you sell over 25 camp cards, you are put into a special "spin to win" in which you could win a $75 Amazon gift card. Blitz weeks, which are not actually weeks, include March 6th-8th and April 3rd-5th. If you sell 25 camp cards in a week or during a blitz week, then tell Mr. Ken and he will put your name in.

This meeting, we learned about shotguns and threw tomahawks. Tape man was not there to be obliterated this time, but if he were, he would have experienced the phenomenon known as "overkill".

That's all for now! But remember, please ignore the army of slithering trench coats that may or may not follow me at a distance.