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The Last Meeting (until next next

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:39 AM by Troop 395

Thank you for clicking on your weekly update on the meetings and your input of gossip.

The base of the meeting was games, all Indian games mind you. We played 2 of them, the first one being an indoor activity where we attempted to get a hoop on a pencil, both were connected with painters tape (NOT SCOTCH TAPE, LOOK UP THE IMAGES, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE). I got a 0 score in a row.  The second game being a rock passing outdoor game.  There are 2 circles, 1 circle has a rock. The rock-circle passes around the rock while the other circle spectates. The non rock-circle then attempts to guess where the rock may be hidden. It is a game apparently meant to improve stealth and craftiness. Michael hid it in his shoe one time, though I do ponder upon the fact that it may be an Impostor rock. Anyways afterwards we played Infected and that happened, just a normal game. Now we're back inside, it starts with a SAW debrief. You cannot sign up NO LONGER. This Saturday is your saw, may be hectic at first with everyone checking in. During drop off and pick up the parent must go through 2 checkpoints, 1 is the temperature check the other is the drop off thing. The parent is NOT going to leave the car at all, only the scout. That's all the important stuff. Now it's time to discuss Hell's Bay, can't go if you do not have the following: Canoeing Merit Badge, Swimming Merit Badge, and First Aid Merit badge, you don't have to be First Class anymore. No meeting next Thursday either because it's turkey-hunting season. For all the dates regarding the stuff go to the online Calendar.

Now for some honorable mentions of people who sold stuff: Adam Tougas, Anthony DePalma, Cameron Howell, and Izaiah Sanon.
That's all! Ha, no just kidding we forget our TIPPITY TOP ROCKIN' SELLER: Daniel Straus.

Now that's all.