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Secret Lair

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:32 AM by Troop 395

Hello greetings from my secret lair! The lair is 50000 square feet and engraved in the side of Mount NottAMountain and it has these super cool-
Today we had played a deadly game of silent speed ball but only with a miniscule, nanoscopic, small, tiny, unnoticeable, atom sized, sub particle, quark-sized twist. We had to say what we had learned at Wilderness Survival! Start the teleprompter, turn on the suspended lights and play the very old and unfunny 'dun dun dunnn' audio! Everyone start dancing to the extremely dead meme 'Evolution of Dance'! It was a tough round, Jake was acting sus at the start because the body was found in navigation and he claims he was in MedBay which is impossible because he reported the body! Someone with a name of which I have no memory of hulked the ball at me, it accelerated to lightspeed and broke the sound barrier within the first femtosecond of being thrown, it cut through atoms and particles at the subatomic level, the air resistance enough to tear away the armor of Air Force one. I caught it and said 'Netsuchūshō o fusegu hōhō o manabimashita!' I then breathed very loudly and hulked the ball at Mach 50 at someone else. I got out later but that is something that does not need to be discussed. We then played a game that I assume was learned at NYLT, the objective was to catch the stick moving to the direction said before it fell. Luckily I am an Earthbender so I am able to hold it in place. I did pretty good at the game I won every single round and nobody else did like the 5'6'' 4th grader on the basketball team. It was uneventful aside from those two games.