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Роберт Скулкрафт's account of

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:37 AM by Troop 395

Last meeting we had played a game of silent speedball, we may or may not have had a couple verbal memos but I really just forgot.  So the ground rules were set and we were preparing to fight to the death. Brennan chucks the ball at Mach 4, someone then catching it, somehow all the kinetic energy shot through their hand and transferred into the wall, smashing it. The person spins with the ball at the outermost of their body, building up centrifugal force and momentum. He then chucks it at the speed of electricity, the shockwave of the throw knocked several people back making them out.  Zack Duimstra caught it, the kinetic energy expelled from his hands and breaking other people's neck. The ball is tossed to me. I catch it and then enchant it with my power. I throw it breaking the universal law of physics (anything with matter cannot exceed lightspeed) and throw it at 946,245 mph, the shockwave horribly injuring anyone nearby. I throw it out the door and it collides with the concrete, sending so much force nuclear fusion occurs and strange matter is created, a byproduct is a 900 megaton worth's of TNT being exploded destroying 1/3 of the US. That's all that happened.