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Ribbit ribbit(The Troop Meeting of Thursday, January 4th)

posted Jan 8, 2018, 3:36 PM by Troop 395

    Ribbit, ribbit(Hello, this email is a recap of the meeting that happened last night.).

    Ribbit, ribbit ribbit croak(River Raft Regatta is coming up soon...sort of...not really that soon...). Croak croak ribbit croak(River Raft Regatta will take place on April 20th to the 22nd.). Crooooooooooooak(The early bird price must be paid by March 30th and it is $37.). Ribbit. Ribbit ribbit ribbit(The non-early bird price for this campout is $45.). Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbity ribbity ribbit(Our troop will be attending the second week of TK Summer Camp which is from June 24th to the 30th.). Croooooak. Ribbit(The early bird price must be paid by May 15th and it is $280. The non-early bird price for this campout is $305.). Ribbity ribbito(From July 8th to the 14th, we will be camping at Woodruff.). Ribbit, ribbit ribbit(This campout costs $375 and their ain't an early bird price.).

    Ribbit ribbit ribbit(At this meeting, we planned out the meals for Hells Bay.). Ribbit(That would be all we did in this meeting.).

    Ribbity ribbity ribbit(Thank you to our translation team to make these emails understandable to both frogs and homo sapiens.).