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PLC Meeting

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:32 AM by Troop 395

Greetings, I am playing Among Us while writing this.
The PLC meeting started with a 5 minute debrief about youth leadership, Mr. Rick went on telling us 'we are in charge, 'if you have a problem look at each other', and other quotes .If you wish to join the land and dairy of camping which indeed is Wilderness Survival the admission fee  is 25 buckaroos. It's like paying 25 bucks to get bitten by insects, sleep on palm fronds, and do physical labor. There will be no more Zoom meetings (or at least minimal, read the emails you get from Scoutbook with the zoom link, just to be sure) until another very morbid event arrives that affects millions, is contagious, or simply a weather disaster at the Church.  22nd is the Scavenger hunt, If you are interested in those types of things.  We had an idea that I believe will be happening is like a 'native lore' thing merit badge. It where you find out about a certain tribe or something that has to be in Florida and you have to do some requirements for it, check with the SPL or ASPL if you're interested.  That's the highlights of what we really talked about.
My game ended like 5 minutes ago so I'm just going to join a new one.