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Overzicht Wilderness Survival

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:35 AM by Troop 395

Greetings from the far superior being of the galaxy Zorgdorff!
This is the overview (Overzicht in Dutch) for the Wilderness Survival campout. First of all my initial shelter was a poncho over a branch as my roof and I would've slept on the log which if that had happened I would've been that one guy looking at the Tsunami on the beach in that one tsunami recording! Luckily ALL BY MYSELF AND NOT BY SOMEBODY WHO IS RELATED TO ME I made a newer improved shelter, which still got flooded. I didn't sleep in it though I slept in somebody else's shelter whom I will not name because I will not give them credit. .I fished, I fished for like maybe an hour or two. I also butchered a fish, (just kidding that against the rules -laugh-). "Lets all stretch and do some yoga before we continue with this email, ahhh. Your out, your out, and you are out." Those were the famous words said by the Olympic Champion of Simon Says. Round of a applause for those out kids haha! You and you out. After that the children played manhunt, its a game where you hunt men. I 'started' a fire that burned for 5 seconds because the kindle was wet. The troop ate MRE's or most of them did. A few hours later I had my lunch/dinner which was instant ramen.

Goodbye, wave at the king while he leaves. You 3 are out.