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Greetings, Florida Man's basement.

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:31 AM by Troop 395

The next meeting will take place at Church so uh, go there I guess. You have to wear the usual mask and stuff. We talked about things that could happen during Wilderness Survival, I wanted to say Bear Grylls will come out of nowhere and help us.
If bad weather happened like rain you would go under a palm tree, if a tornado somehow spawned you would tell it to back off. If a wildfire started from someone's stupidity then you will blow on it and other things.
Friendly reminder! In case any of you have a heat stroke, the most we can do is take you in the shade and give you water so if you die that's your fault for not drinking the water.
The amount of water that you need to drink is enough to sustain your life, but not too much where water destroys your memory foam lungs. We learned what to do if we were lost in the woods (make sure not go into any vehicles promising free internet
Christian (with the goatee) doesn't know what a blister is, which Christian (with no goatee) described it. (I purposely referred to them as Christians so you'd be confused) Mr. Ricardo echoed for most of the meeting and nobody ever pointed it out to him and he never knew. A good recreation is watching old people trying to figure out technology, which is handy during an hour meeting.
This meeting wasn't very eventful nor populated. We all learned how to treat various injuries. We also discovered the effects if injuries were left untreated.