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Fitness First

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:33 AM by Troop 395

Greetings from the wonderful land of Home, where anything is possible.
The meeting kicked off and stayed that way for a cool 3/4 of the meeting of FITNESS. 60 seconds of pushups and sit-ups and uh races! 15 years ago at that one scout meeting when I won that race I knew I was destined to be a runner. Now 15 years later to the present day I broke Usain Bolts record and set a record of 1092.5 MPH. The 'pushups' was actually failing 10 pushups and only doing 3 correct ones then sitting out for the rest of the minute. Same went for the sit-ups. Now it was time for the key to popularity (at least in 1st grade), the RACE. The characters got ready like a Super Smash Flash battle when they all look each other in the eye and know that they are going to win. 'Komasikai!' the anime referee yelled. I ran, the air resistance enough to tear an armored bank truck, my very speed and concentration split the very atoms and broke apart the air molecules. Then we walked back and Brennan talked about Wilderness Survival. A friendly reminder ADMISSION IS 25 BUCKS so you must have that currency in the form of grain, animal hide, or normal currency. It also takes place on the 17th.

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