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Camp Ahbalufa Overview from my POV

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:41 AM by Troop 395

Greetings from Lantana, Florida in the United States in North America.

CHAPTER I: The Dawn of the Campout
The Scouts met at the Church at around 6:00 PM, the truck was hooked up and we drove off.
We got unpacked and set personal belongings aside as the tents were being set up. Christian Francis will be referred to as Christian since he was the only Christian there.
His tent looked like a spider, meanwhile Daniel's tent was the size of a small child. It has to be like a 0.1 man tent.
The rest of the tents were normal, then we played a little thing called Manhunt (or hide and seek), I got caught in almost every round until I had formed up the best spot there could ever possibly be. In the bushes under a palm frond.

CHAPTER II: The Day When Most of the Stuff Happened
Day started out normal, we ate breakfast (4x4 inch pancakes and bacon for us) and we got to work. We set up our stations and got to work. My job was cleaning the dishes, grill, etc. Afterwards I joined the hiking crew expecting nothing short of leg cramps. We skipped the mud once and did ??? miles. We went through the quicksand of mud once which smelt like... a peculiar scent. Hiking done, it is now lunch. For lunch we had 3 chili cheese dogs and 1 more normal hotdog which would later go back to where it came from, and a pack of Cheetos. Afterwards we hung out at the camp and threw tomahawks as Sebastian the Supreme Ultra Instinct  Super Saiyan IV of Super Saiyan God Tomahawk Thrower decapitated the wooden board, wait did I type Sebastian whoops! That's just a typo I meant Nick. Afterwards me and Michael had a water cup battle and I got changed and stayed in the tent for a little.  Came back to find the board massacred, the insides scrambled and missing several limbs. We went to bed and barfed, y'know the normal stuff. After that we packed and had 2 bowls of cereal (one being dry) and left.