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Aperçu du Conseil des chefs de pat

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:39 AM by Troop 395

Alright where do we start here? Tons of dates.
The merit badge of the month goes to Indian Lore. Apparently thats the theme of November. Indian Lore is what the name says its just learning about floridia Native Americans. We have (cue drumroll) CRACKERTRAIL upcoming in a February near you. The designing and preparation (not wagon building just design discussion) beings in December, we will be doing the classic 2 patrols like we did last year. The Kite Manmobile and the Crusader Stonk Traders battled it out last time and a new pair of teams will be battling it out this time. The Indian Lore requirements will be done throughout the month and some requirements have alternatives that you can complete.

I have to get back to eating my mashed potatoes w/ gravy, bye.