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Another day, another email.

posted Mar 4, 2021, 5:42 AM by Troop 395
Greetings and welcome to another email.
We are kicking off with some dates of events, February 5th is Crackertrail the admission is 45 dollars, The Saturday of January 30th was the last day to build a wagon so the wagon you are presenting should be fully done if it isn't then that was your last day so you should've worked harder or faster .Court of Honor is on Feburary 27th at TanahKeeta on 11 AM be sure to be prepared for it, For snacks people will have to bring sealed individual packs do dont bring all of them in one bowl or something that can possibly relate to that. The theme for Court of Honor is "Down on the Loxahatchee".
Feburary 13th is the last day for you to turn in your blue cards so get them in and out by that date otherwise you will simply have a blue card that you are stuck with and cannot get proper credit for completing said blue card. Feburary 7th is Scout Sunday, be at the Church by 8:30 in the morning for rehearsal with Mr. Andy Wear your Class A uniform. Sign up for Camp Cards too