2017/09/05 Be Prepared

posted Sep 20, 2017, 6:58 PM by Troop 395

Good afternoon Troop 395,


 I hope everyone is taking Hurricane Irma seriously!!!! 


Check out this website:





 Here are a few things that you should be doing as Scouts.


Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)- Contact your Leadership team. Make sure that you have a phone number for each person & that they have yours. 


Patrol Leader (PL)- Contact each Scout in your patrol. You can make a plan for each member of your Patrol to contact 2 other members. That is quicker way of contacting everyone. 


This plan is to be used when normal phone communications are AVAILABLE.  The Troop will mobilize by Patrol.  Members are contacted by phone.  To begin the mobilization, the Scoutmaster calls the Assistant Scoutmasters and Senior Patrol Leader.  The SPL calls all Patrol Leaders and each Patrol Leader phones each patrol member.  Troop phone lists may be obtained from the Scoutmaster if needed.


Please let's get this done quickly. We will use this in the event that we get hit. 


How to use:

 Scouts- After an emergency, please contact your PL with the condition of your Family & House. 


PL's- After you have contacted or been contacted by each member of your Patrol. Send your SPL a patrol head count. 


 Patrol A- everyone has been contacted and no issues to report.

 Patrol B- Scout Family X is safe but can't get out of their house. Something is blocking the front door. Everyone else has been contacted and no issues.


SPL- Will contact SM and give a final report.


SM- Will use the report given and put together a plan to help those in need. Assess the Church when safe to do so.