2016/10/26 Email Etiquette

posted Jun 18, 2017, 7:38 PM by Troop 395

Good afternoon Troop 395,

 Everyone has a voice within our Troop. There is a proper way to voice your opinion. In the event that your not sure if a message is appropriate. The most important question that you should ask yourself is "Will I attach my name to it"? You should not send a message to anyone especially as a Boy Scout, if your not comfortable putting your name on it. 


 The proper process, when something needs to be addressed is as followed: 

 *Scouts- Go to your Patrol Leader (PL)

*PL - Go to the Senior Patrol Leader  (SPL)

*SPL - Go to the Scoutmaster

*You always have the option if you are not comfortable going to your PL or SPL, go straight to the SM

*Assistant Scoutmaster's - Go to the SM

*Parents - Go to the SM or Committee Chair  (CC)

*ASM's also have the option, if you are not comfortable going to the SM. Then go to the CC.


  Everyone has my email and phone number. Please contact me if there is ever a problem or concerns. 


Eric Colter
SM / Troop 395
Lantana, FL