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Scout Acronyms

Parents & Scouts,
You will often here or see these acronyms when attending scout meetings.

ACPP – Advancement Committee Guide – Policies and Procedures (BSA Pub. 33088) (Obsolete – Replaced by the Guide to Advancement)

AOL – Arrow of Light (the highest rank in the Cub Scout Program)

ASM – Assistant Scoutmaster

BOR and EBOR – Board of Review, Eagle Board of Review

BS – Boy Scout(s) (also used to refer to the Boy Scout Division)

BSA – You’re kidding, right? You know this one. — Boy Scouts of America

CAC – Council Advancement Committee

CACC – Council Advancement Committee Chair

CC – Committee Chair (for packs, troops, crews, and ships)

CS – Cub Scout(s) (also used to refer to the Cub Scout Division)

DAC – District Advancement Committee

DACC – District Advancement Committee Chair

DL – Den Leader

G2SS (or GTSS)- Guide to Safe Scouting (BSA Pub 34416)

GTA – Guide to Advancement (BSA Pub. 3308)

LFL – Learning for Life, the BSA subsidiary that includes career oriented Exploring.

MB – Merit Badge

MBC – Merit Badge Counselor

OA – Order of the Arrow

SA or ASM – Assistant Scoutmaster

SM – Scoutmaster

SPL – Senior Patrol Leader (the highest-level youth elected leadership position in a Troop)

SS – Sea Scout

V – Venturing (Usually used to refer to the Venturing division)

WDL – Webelos Den Leader

YP - Youth Protection, every leader in BSA must have YP.