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Merit Badge Information

T395 Merit Badge Procedure

Parents please show this to your son, if he doesn't have his own email. You can always have his email address added by linking him in Scoutbook.

Below is the process for working on /  earning a Merit Badge(s):

Once you decide that your interested in earning a Merit Badge(s) (MB):
1) You need to sign out the Merit Badge Pamphlet for that MB that you want to work on.
  • In the event that the Troop doesn't have a copy of the pamphlet that you want, Please let me (the Scoutmaster) know. We will get one. 
2) Next, you go to to find the most current worksheets for the MB. Make sure you are printing the most revised copy for the 2016-2017 year.
3) You will use the MB Pamphlet to fill in your MB worksheets.
4) Once you have completed what you can in the MB Worksheets, bring the completed worksheet to the Scoutmaster. He will get you a blue card.
5) Now you are ready to attend a class (SAW, Summer Camp, Winter Camp, MB Counselor's course, etc...).
6) Once you have taken your merit badge class, you bring the blue card with your counselor signature, to the Scoutmaster and he will sign off as completed in the Scoutmaster location.
7) You then turn the completed & signed "Application for Merit Badge" into the Advancement Chair. 
8) You keep the Applicants Copy for your records. We strongly suggest you get a binder and business card inserts and store your MB Blue card copies there.

NOTE: There are three parts to a Blue Card: MB Counselor's Copy, Applicant's Copy (that's you the scout) and Application for MB (Advancement Chair Copy).

The following are all the Merit Badges currently offered by the Boy Scouts of America: