Rank Requirement Workbooks
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Steps to Earning Rank with T395

  • See the requirements above for the rank you are working toward. 
  • Complete those requirements.
  • Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early in FULL Class A with Scout Handbook
  • Sit with an ASM to review the requirements completed and get your sign offs.
  • Once you have received all your required sign offs it it is time to print the Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet. (links below and under Forms)
  • Complete the Worksheet and sit with (3) ASM to review. Once your Scoutmaster Worksheet has been completed and signed, it's time to request your Scoutmaster Conference.
  • Email the Scoutmaster to request a Scoutmaster Conference
  • After you successfully completed your Scoutmaster Conference, your next step is your Board of Review (BoR).
  • To request a BoR, speak with or email the Advancement Chair.

Scoutmaster Conference Worksheets
The first part of a worksheet is the Personal Growth Agreement which is completed by the Scout prior to the Scoutmaster Conference. While completing the Personal Growth Agreement the Scout should reflect on the time spent with the Troop and Patrol, as well as ways to improve the Scouting experience for themselves and everyone in the Troop.

The second part is a Study Sheet for the Scoutmaster’s Conference. In preparation for the Scoutmaster Conference, the Scout will obtain signatures from three (3) Assistant Scoutmasters, each of which will quiz the Scout on a couple items from the Study Sheet. During the Scoutmaster’s Conference you may be asked some or all the questions on the study sheet.

Scoutmaster Conference Worksheets

Advancement Resources by Gulf Stream Council

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